Darkest Hours – Mike Thorn

Title: Darkest Hours
Author: Mike Thorn
Publisher: Unnerving
Genre: Horror

Just in time for the Halloween holiday, I had the pleasure to continue my horror education with Thorn’s latest short story collection. Horror and I are beginning to become good friends, if I do say so myself.

Thorn has compiled a varied and creative anthology. I found that from story to story I was always pleasantly surprised. Naturally, some stories I enjoyed more than others, but overall I felt this was a solid grouping of tales.

The collection starts with a disturbing and repulsing addiction to hair. Can’t deny that I said eww a lot. It was also enlightening because at the end of the day there is someone out there who is suffering from this sexual proclivity. It felt like a beginning to a Criminal Minds episode.

I found often drawn to certain sentences that Thorn crafted. They were clever and I liked his use of language. Some of my favorites included:

“My scholastic cock outsizes everyone else’s”

“Herbert asked the bartenders breasts”

“Work like you want to work”

“Everything else, the chaos that came between the cradle and the grave, was unpredictable”

It is clear from Thorn’s writing that he has spent some time in academia, as several of his stories star accomplished or struggling academic professors. It is obviously a familiar environment Thorn likes to capture. Whether the academic was a mouse mass murderer or an out-of-work biologist, Thorn highlights their struggles and peculiarities.

One of my favorites from the collection was Lucio Schluter, a creative writing piece that brings reality to art. I think it was my favorite because it felt like true crime. This was a story that I could see showing up in an FBI file. For me, the more realistically attainable the horror, the more intriguing and butt clenching the tale.

If you are looking for a quick and unpleasant (in good way) read before bedtime then look no further. You can find the story collection on Amazon for $3.99 in Kindle format and for $11.00 in paperback.

Also, I dig the cover. It reminds me of a home recorded VHS tape, which brings back the memories.

Synopsis: In the bleak landscape of Darkest Hours, people make decisions that lead them into extreme scenarios – sometimes bizarre, often horrific, always unexpected. Between this book’s covers you will find academics in distress; monsters abused by people; people terrorized by demons; ghostly reminiscences; resurrected trauma; and occult filmmaking. Ranging from satirical to dreadful, these stories share a distinct voice: urgent, sardonic, brutal, but always empathetic.


Mike Thorn is the author of the short story collection Darkest Hours.

His fiction has appeared in a number of magazines, anthologies and podcasts, including Dark Moon DigestThe NoSleep Podcast and Behind the Mask – Tales from the Id, and his film criticism has been published in MUBI NotebookThe Film Stage, The Seventh Row and Vague Visages.

He completed his M.A. with a major in English literature at the University of Calgary, where he wrote a thesis on epistemophobia in John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. 






OWL Rating:

*I received a free copy of the story in exchange for an honest review

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