Sons and Lovers – D.H. Lawrence

Title: Sons and Lovers

Author: D.H. Lawrence

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

Genre: Classic Fiction

Page Length: 372 pages

Every year I choose a classic to read. In 2020, I chose Sons and Lovers because I have loved other stories written by Lawrence. I have been working for months on reading this tale and finally was able to close it for good this past weekend.

Being somewhat autobiographical, I can understand why Lawrence got a bit carried away. There were huge sections that were repetitive and droning. I read he cut 100 pages from the initial drafted manuscript and I’m sad to say it wasn’t enough.

I can’t say this was an uplifting story, in many ways it was quite depressing, but it was interesting commentary on sons relationships with their mother and how that impacts their romantic relationships later on. It provided a glimpse into the mind of Lawrence and perhaps some of his emotional struggles.

If you have a complicated emotional relationship with your parents perhaps you can relate to this story. But it won’t bring any closure, only relateability.

You can find it on Amazon in paperback.

Synopsis: This semi-autobiographical novel explores the emotional conflicts through the protagonist, Paul Morel, and the suffocating relationships with a demanding mother and two very different lovers. It is a pre-Freudian exploration of love and possessiveness.

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