Spencer & Locke – David Pepose, Jorge Santiago Jr., Jasen Smith, Colin Bell

Title: Spencer & Locke
Author: David Pepose
Art: Jorge Santiago Jr.
Color: Jasen Smith
Letters: Colin Bell
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment
Genre: Hardboiled Fiction/Noir – Graphic novel

Before you begin reading this collection of quality hardboiled fiction, set the tone with the low vibes of jazz noir. It will enhance your reading experience. With every page turn, I felt more and more pulled in with the help of YouTube.

I have an obsession with this style of crime detective fiction. It’s edgy, dark, fatalistic and sexy. Pepose and fellow creators produced a gritty Calvin and Hobbes remix, starring a confident and brooding protagonist with a traumatic past. Even though Locke’s sidekick is a stuffed animal come to life in his mind, Locke still oozes that cool and calm demeanor we love from our prohibition style crime fighters. However, I do have some questions about the psyche evaluation that clearly never happened for this detective.

I loved the style of this graphic novel. The artwork was fantastic and the writing fit perfectly. Spencer has some clever comebacks that also brought a giggle to my lips. I can’t wait to see the next installments to come out in the spring.

If you have an interest in noir styled graphic novels then check Spencer & Locke out, you will not be disappointed. The first novel starts at $5.99 in Kindle/comixology format and $13.49 in paperback.

Synopsis: Spencer & Locke follows hard-boiled Detective Locke as he investigates a brutal murder with the strangest of partners ― his childhood imaginary panther, Spencer. But when they face brutal gunfights, deadly car chases and memories of Locke’s traumatic youth, can this unlikely pair survive long enough to find the truth?

Currently nominated for five Ringo Awards, including Best Series and Best Writer.


After starting his career at DC Comics, David Pepose has gone on to write thousands of articles about comic book storytelling. SPENCER & LOCKE, Pepose’s debut series with artist Jorge Santiago, Jr., has been praised by IGN as “a fiendishly fun take on an age-old classic.” A St. Louis native, Pepose currently lives in Los Angeles, where he works in the television industry.











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*I received a free copy of the story in exchange for an honest review

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