The Girls Behind the Book

Katrina — “Sleep? Who needs sleep?”

I’m a self-proclaimed book worm who loves wine and Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns. By day, I’m a freelance editor/writer and stay-at-home mommy. By night, I juggle my life as a book editor and author, all while managing to fit in my reading obsession.

My first published work, an epic fantasy novel, Fractured Dream, was released in 2014. Since then I have written a paranormal, young adult novel, The Reaper’s Daughter and am currently working on the sequel to Fractured Dream.

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SheilahWedding1Sheilah — “Not totally inadequate”

I was taught to appreciate the written word by my sister at an early age when she forced me to listen to her read A Mermaid Summer out loud on rainy days. I prefer works of fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, young adult, and memoirs of people from different cultures and faiths. Overall, I classify myself as a geek with various geeky interests. By day, I am a librarian & tutor and by night, I dabble in the arts. Oh, and I like dogs more than people.

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