Corpsing – Kayleigh Marie Edwards

Title: Corpsing

Author: Kayleigh Marie Edwards

Publisher: Sinister Horror Company

Genre: Horror/Short Stories

Page Length: 150 pages

While the cover of this short story anthology written by Edwards did not exactly pull me in, her writing certainly did.

It is rare that I am able to say that I loved every little tale that was woven throughout this short collection, but I honestly did. Each story was fresh and original.

If you are a horror fan, Edwards is a writer to watch. Each of her characters were immediately captivating and brought to life. I look forward to seeing what else she will publish in the years ahead. I am thrilled to add another author on my will read/want to read list.

You can check her writing out on Amazon.

Synopsis: Kayleigh Marie Edwards has been entertaining and chilling audiences with her own eclectic mix of horror and comedy. Now, for the first time, this popular author has collected her works together, reviewing and revising each one to bring you the definitive versions of her unique tales.

From murderous children to nightmarish trips to an ill-fated zombie apocalypse, Corpsing will send you running for the light switch, but smiling as you do it.

Featuring the stories: Bitey Bachman, Bits and Bobs, Siren, Now You See Them, Skin, ‘S’ Day, Barry’s Last Day & ’Twas The Night Before Christmas.


Kayleigh Marie Edwards is a regular writer of articles and reviews ( and, a published short story and flash fiction writer, and a playwright. She has an MA degree in Scriptwriting.




OWL Rating:

*We received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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