Hinterland – L.M. Brown

Title: Hinterland

Author: L.M. Brown

Publisher: Fomite Press

Genre: Fiction

Page Length: 324 pages

I was not sure what to expect from this tale, having never read Brown before. What I discovered was a story full of family drama, mystery and suspicion.

Hinterland takes you on a quiet journey of omissions and guilt. I found myself being drawn deeper into each chapter, wanting to discover the silences that have kept this family apart.

If you enjoy a bit of mystery and drama then I see no reason why you would not find this an enticing and quality read. Give Brown a chance as I did, and you will not be disappointed.

The book is set to release in October 2020. Learn more on Amazon.

Synopsis: Nicholas Giovanni’s life revolves around his five-year old daughter Kate. When he isn’t driving his taxi, he is taking care of her and her mother Kathleen, whose last involuntary admission to hospital was while pregnant. Tension start to rise with the return of Ina, Nicholas’ childhood best friend, to the house next door. Kathleen doesn’t trust her or Nicholas. Already unstable, Kathleen’s suspicions culminate in a day of violence, and Kathleen’s disappearance. Kate’s life is shattered by her mother s desertion. No one will tell her where Kathleen is. Although Ina is like a mother to her, Nicholas keeps her at arm’s length. He cannot bring himself to tell Kate or Ina the truth about Kathleen’s last day, until Kate runs away, and he realizes his silence has torn everyone apart. To find Kate and to keep Ina in his life, there are truths he must face, if it’s not too late.


L.M Brown is the author of novels Debris and Hinterland, and the linked short story collections Treading The Uneven Road and Were We Awake. Her award winning stories have been published in over a dozen magazines. She grew up in Ireland but lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three daughters.





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*We received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


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