Prickle Moon – Juliet Marillier

Title: Prickle Moon
Author: Juliet Marillier
Publisher: Ticonderoga Publications
Genre: Short Stories/Fantasy/Anthology/Fairy Tales
Page Length: 242 pages

A long time fan of Marillier, I was surprised to find out she had created a book of short stories. As expected they were full of magical and fantastical tales. However, fantasy was not the only genre included in this anthology, and I was pleased to encounter several stories of various alternate genres. I had never read anything other than fantasy by her and so this was a pleasant surprise.

Every story was wonderful and heart touching in some way. Whether it was an assortment of hedgehog critters that warmed my chilly insides, or the tale of a woman coming to terms with her dying — I was swept away. Additionally, for those who love her Sevenwaters series, there is a tale that adds a bit more to the story.

All of the narratives were well crafted and complete. I never wanted more because they were the perfect size to tell the story.

You can find the book on Amazon in multiple formats.

Synopsis: Prickle Moon is a collection of Juliet Marillier’s best short fiction. It contains eleven previously published stories and five new ones. Included are the Sevenwaters novella, “’Twixt Firelight and Water”, the epic Nordic story, “Otherling”, and “In Coed Celyddon”, a tale of the young man who would one day become King Arthur.

The title story, especially written for the collection, concerns an old Scottish wise woman facing an impossible moral dilemma.

Other new stories in the book include “By Bone-Light”, a contemporary retelling of the Russian fairy tale “Vasilissa the Wise”, and “The Angel of Death”, a dark story about a puppy mill rescue.

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