#Bookstagram Special Review: Dangerous Alliance – Jennieke Cohen

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Book covers are so pretty, or fascinating, or provoking, and so capturing them in visually appealing designs and situations has become a thang, and it’s a thang this girl has gotten into (sister to your main reviewer on this blog). So for anyone who follows bookstagrammers on Instagram, this is the first Bookstagram Special Review for Cellar Door.

Book crates are a new trend, so I started getting monthly crates from Owl Crate and Lit Joy Crate, and they’re probably my favorite mail ever. Such fun little gifts each month with books and literary keepsakes. Anyway, one of the boxes came bearing Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke Cohen. So in honor of Valentines Day several days ago, let’s discuss this wonderful, historical romance, beginning with the main character, Lady Victoria Aston. Vicky, as her family calls her, is content allowing her older sister to be the married one while she is allowed the freedom that comes without marriages that forge suitable financial pairings. But that quickly changes, and she is suddenly expected to marry or lose her family home. An avid Jane Austen fan, Victoria often wonders, WWJAD (What Would Jane Austen Do?) or, the characters the author created.

Although this is not my usual type of reading, I’ve certainly read Jane Austen and was enamored with this story at once. In very Jane Austen-esque fashion, the story takes place in Georgian and Regency era England but offers a spunky flare and modernism that’s altogether different. With comedy, a bit of mystery to create some intrigue, and romance, this was so much fun to read I couldn’t put it down.

The teacup quote in the picture has an inscription: “I would rather have nothing but tea.” —Jane Austen

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