Chaos Umpire Sits (Book #2) – Kevin Kneupper

Title: Chaos Umpire Sits (Book #2 in the They Who Fell series)
Author: Kevin Kneupper
Publisher: Self
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Dystopian
Page Length: 334 pages

Initially, I was not sure about this series. The first installment was interesting but failed to hook me. However, I decided to keep reading and I am glad I did. Book #2 starts off a bit slow, but it picks up as you continue to read and I found the new characters that come onto the stage to be most intriguing. Additionally, old characters that I was on the fence about resurface and I have a new appreciation for their characterizations. I am starting to feel for these characters now. Even the evil Ecanus has moments where I feel like he isn’t so bad…until he is again. The story is evolving and becoming more complicated. Kneupper’s creativity is starting to blossom and shine in this continuation.

The moves have been set in motion, and as long as you are committed to keep reading, I feel you will be rewarded for your loyalty. For a self-published story, it’s well done. It’s better than some books that come from publishers. So, don’t let the self-publishing deter you from checking this writer out. He has his act together and is a true storyteller. Well done Kneupper, I look forward to the concluding chapters to follow in book #3.

Synopsis: The tower is fallen, its residents scattered or dead. A mob of human refugees swarm the city, tossed into a world they haven’t seen in years, and one Jana knows only from distant memories as a child. The ones who tore down her home would have her flee to safety, and to abandon her need to find Rhamiel and know what became of him. But the strike against the angels has returned them to their martial ways, and an army is reforming under the banner of Uzziel with the goal of eliminating any threats to the Seraphim forever. And other castes of angels have agendas of their own, eager to fill the vacuum left by the tower’s collapse.

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