Harley Merlin and the Mystery Twins – Bella Forrest

Title: Harley Merlin and the Mystery Twins (Book #2)
Author: Bella Forrest
Publisher: Nightlight Press
Genre: Fantasy/YA/Paranormal
Page Length: 406 pages

I jumped right into the sequel of this series wanting to follow the adventure that had started in book one. I prefer to read standalone novels, as I grow bored when storylines continue on in multiple installments. Regardless, I decided to continue despite my history with series. Reading book two was safe this time. However, I will now need to take a break before I go on in the series.

The storyline picks right up where it left off and the author does a good job of refreshing the readers mind about past events. I appreciate this as someone who does not read one book after another and as someone who has a questionable memory.

I learned more about the individual characters but not as much as I hoped. The story focused more on the magical mystery and less on the character relationships. This was mildly disappointing. I would have liked a bit more character revelation and development in book 2.

However, the story was engaging and easy to read. I still like the characters and am learning to feel warm towards some others.

I will continue to read the series, as I am enjoying it, but I will take a break and read some other things before I come back to it.

If you like stories about teens with superpowers and slow growing feelings then this story might be up your alley.

You can find the book on Amazon in multiple formats.

Synopsis: A dark past. A hidden power. A dangerous enemy.

Harley Merlin has a lot of unanswered questions in her life. What drove her father to kill her mother? How can she know the true extent of her magical abilities? Has Wade Crowley always been this annoying?

After the violent gargoyle incident that left many dead, Harley fears what other evil tricks her psychotic aunt has up her sleeve. When she discovers that magical foster kids like herself are in danger, she knows she must do whatever it takes to protect them.

And it turns out that Tatyana, the Coven’s resident ghost-whisperer, is also willing to make sacrifices and has secrets of her own…

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