The Future Falls (Book #3) – Tanya Huff

Title: The Future Falls (Book #3 of Enchantment Emporium)
Author: Tanya Huff
Publisher: DAW
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Page length: 336 pages

This weekend was dedicated to finishing the final installment of the Enchantment Emporium series. I was excited to read the epic conclusion to a series full of magic and mystical creatures, which is what Huff writes best (in my humble opinion).

This story continues the journey of Charlie, a wild power Gale woman. Except this time, Charlie has been tasked with saving the world from an incoming big bang chunk of rock. You witness her relationship with Jack the Dragon Prince and Allie the dragon slayer and family protector evolve as well. The best part was the more dominant presence of Auntie Catherine, who has gone rogue and helps Charlie from the shadows.

I enjoyed the finale of this series with a few exceptions. First, the constant references to popular music was a bit overwhelming. I didn’t know all the references and couldn’t be bothered to research them. I think I would have preferred it if Charlie came up with her own melodies and lyrics. I think this issue will also date the books faster than had it been an original tune.

Additionally, I found some of the dialogue to be confusing and lacking clarity. Sometimes there were innuendos that went over my head and sometimes, I felt that Huff knew what she meant, but she was not able to convey it to the reader.

Lastly, I was seriously concerned about Charlie and Jack’s growing feelings, so I had to look up age of consent in Canada to slightly alleviate my discomfort with where this story was headed.

Overall, the story was compelling and exciting. It kept me engaged and I enjoyed how the series wrapped up, though I always have felt more could be done. There are many characters worth exploring in this world. Huff has a gift with magical systems and truly has a creative flare with the world building. I loved all her fantastical creatures like Joe, the Leprechaun who is a favorite.

I recommend this series to lovers of fantasy and magical worlds that are hidden within the hum drum of every day life.

You can find the book on Amazon in multiple formats.

Synopsis: When Auntie Catherine warns the family of an approaching asteroid, the Gales scramble to keep humans from going the way of the dinosaurs. Fortunately for the world, they’re wielding a guitar and a dragon.

The Gale family can change the world with the charms they cast, which has caused some supernaturally complicated family shenanigans in the past. So when NASA and Doomsday Dan confirm Auntie Catherine’s dire prediction, Charlotte “Charlie” Gale turns to the family for help.

But Allie is unavailable because the universe seems determined to have her produce the seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son of a Gale.  And the Aunties can’t help because they’re tied to the earth – although they are happy to provide their delicious, trademark pies.  And in the end, all Charlie has is a guitar…

…and Jack. The Dragon Prince, and a Sorcerer.

But Charlie might like Jack just a little too much, and Jack might like Charlie a little too much in return. Actually, between Allie’s hormones, the Aunties trying to force her and Jack into ritual, the Courts having way too much fun at the end of days, and Jack’s sudden desire to sacrifice himself for the good of the many, Charlie’s fairly certain that the asteroid is the least of her problems.

The Gales are going to need more than pie to save the world from an incoming asteroid. But together there isn’t anything they can’t deal with – except possibly each other.

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