Joe Vampire – Steven Luna

Title: Joe Vampire (Book #1)
Author: Steven Luna
Publisher: Dapper Press
Genre: Fantasy
Page length: 310 pages

Full disclaimer: I bought this book years ago when it was originally published by Booktrope. I have not read the re-released version published by Dapper Press. Therefore, I have no idea what changes may or may not have occurred between the two publications. What I can say is regardless of any massive changes, this story was a delight to read. And I cannot imagine that has changed.

(You can also see a previous review, done by my sister here.)

Joe Vampire is just an everyday guy trying to live an everyday life, except now he has the added bonus of being a creature of the night. If you like stories where the narrator speaks to you like an audience member with dark comedic timing, then you may find this story as entertaining as I did. It drew me in with how light the dark was treated and the conversational tone.

It was a quick read due to the presentation, but it was a full bodied story with self-loathing, monster hunters and a sprinkle of romance to complete the circle. It was good for a bunch of chuckles and maybe even a small eww!

I recommend the story to any dark comedy lovers out there that have a funny bone for the morbid and supernatural.

You can find the story on Amazon in multiple formats.

Synopsis: Hey, folks. I’m Joe, and I’m a vampire – not by choice, mind you, but by accident…a fate-twisting, fang-creating, blood lust-inducing misunderstanding. It started with a group date, a case of mistaken identity and far too many sake bombers, and ended with a ridiculous set of circumstances that I just can’t seem to wrap my head around.

Maybe you can tell: I’m not real happy about it. But I’m certainly not going to let it get in the way of my life.

So I’ve thrown my ranting into a blog. I’m hanging out my dirty laundry in an effort to explain the real deal about being a card-carrying member of the Undead Elite. Believe me, it’s not all satin capes and naked ladies…none of it is, actually. Instead, it’s just one nasty little surprise after another. The truth bears exposing, and I’m pulling back the curtain on all of it. If I can figure out how to keep it from mowing me over in the process, then that’s groovy, too.

And that thing about vampires sparkling in the sun?

That is a bunch of bull.

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