The Demon Seeds – Derek Muk

Title: The Demon Seeds
Author: Derek Muk
Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books
Genre: Fantasy/Horror

I want to start this review by first recommending readers ignore the cover, which is awful. The story is better than the representation.

Muk is a seasoned short-story writer and The Demon Seed is one of his newer tales. In regards to length, I would classify this story as a novella.

What was good about this story is that Muk is a decent writer and I enjoyed this Supernatural world fan-fiction tale. It is a ride or die kind of story. You are immediately thrust into the action, so the story flows quickly. I was never bored and I felt that it could have been a spin-off episode of the Supernatural show, where you follow different/new hunters.

What needed work was the classification of what a Bubog was, the evil creatures of the story. They sounded like vampires. I was initially confused why he was renaming vampires. However, as the story progressed, I was able to piece together that essentially they were demon spawn that had fangs and fed off blood, and they were obsessed with reproducing creepy little bubog babies. So maybe like a vampire cousin?

Additionally, I would have really enjoyed more information about Taylor and Jan, the main protagonists and evil killing duo. I felt that I would have been more invested in the story and their kickass-ness, if I knew more about them. It would help me care more about their journey.

I feel Muk is a writer to watch as he gains experience as a storyteller. I will be interested to see how he grows in the years to come.

If you are looking for a story in the vein of monster hunting, then this tale is worth checking out. It is a good lunch break read. Keep your eyes out because I think we will continue to see more from Muk in the future as he refines his craft.

You can find the story on Amazon for $3.98 in Kindle edition and $11.98 in paperback. I do feel based on the length of the story that the price is a bit steep.

Synopsis: Taylor and Jan have an edgy, exhilarating and dangerous occupation: they’re monster hunters. While they’ve endured many strange adventures in their Southern California/Los Angeles area turf, their latest is as harrowing as it gets….for they are about to encounter the nefarious bubog, the demonic offspring of the cult leader Bubog, an entity carrying the seed of the Dark Prince himself, and he is trying to impregnate as many human women he could lay his hands on. While the intrepid monster hunters track the bubog down in an attempt to put an end to their evil scourge, Jan learns that her best friend, Carol, has been initiated into their cult and the two must save her before she too gives birth to one of these abominations. But can they save her? And can they rid our world forever of these diabolical Demon Seeds before it’s too late?


Derek Muk is a writer and social worker from California. His short stories have appeared in various online and small press magazines, including: “The Dead Walk” (anthology), “Fear and Trembling Magazine,” “13 Magazine.” “Diabolic Tales 3” (an anthology of horror), “Both Barrels of Legends of the Monster Hunter I and II” (anthology), “The Trigger Reflex: Legends of the Monster Hunter II” (anthology), “Suffer the Little Children” (anthology), “Splatter: An Anthology of Horror,” “Death Rattle,” “Dark Things II” (Anthology), “Anthology of Ichor: Hearts of Darkness,” “Twisted Tongue Magazine,” “Static Movement,” “Sex and Murder Magazine,” “Sinister Tales,” “Night to Dawn,” “M-Brane SF,” “Sonar4 E-Zine,” “The Ethereal Gazette,” “7th Dimension Magazine,” “Switchblade Magazine,” “ESC! Magazine,” “Scorched Wings Magazine,” “Hardboiled,” “Masque Noir,” “Detective Mystery Stories,” “Dawnsky,” “The Pinehurst Journal,” “Mystery Forum Magazine,” “The Green Queen,” “Kracked Mirror Mysteries,” “Golden Visions Magazine,” “Crossroads Magic,” “The Street Corner Magazine,” “Calliope Magazine,” “Unspoken Water,” “Space and Time Magazine,” “Infernal Ink Magazine,” “Tales of the Talisman Magazine,” “Dark Eclipse,” “Whispers From The Past: Fright and Fear” (anthology), “ParABnormal Digest,” “The Haunted Academy” (Novella-Midnight Frost Books), “Fiction On The Web,” “Bards and Sages Quarterly,” “NeaDNAthal” (anthology), “Aurora Wolf,” “The Horror Zine Magazine,” “Nebula Rift,” “9 Tales,” “Story of the Month Club,” “Cranial Leakage,” “New Realm,” “Ink Stains Anthology,” “Cheapjack Pulp” and “Disturbed Digest.”

He has three chapbooks published: “Three Parts,” “The Sacrifice and Other Stories,” and “Sin after Sin.” In addition to writing, he enjoys reading, traveling, museums, art, dining out, and meeting new people. He has a bachelors and masters degree in social work.

“The Occult Files of Albert Taylor” is his first full length collection of short stories.






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*We received the story for free in exchange for an honest review

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