Silverwood: The Door – Keene, Chizmar, Kozeniewski, Sisters of Slaughter & Valenzuela

Title: Silverwood: The Door
Authors: Brian Keene, Stephen Kozeniewski, Sisters of Slaughter, Richard Chizmar, original creator Tony E. Valenzuela
Publisher: Serial Box Publishing
Genre: Horror/Paranormal

Have you ever heard of Serial Box? Not the box you find your Cheerios in. Well I hadn’t, not until someone reached out to me and told me all about it.

It sounded like Netflix for books, except a bit different. It is serialized fiction that like TV, is released in episodic segments. You find a book you’re interested in and then pay for that books narrated episodes and eBook. Kind of cool, right?

When all is said and done, you’ve paid the price of one book and you get two different formats to choose from.

I listened to the first episode for free of Silverwood: The Door. But I have an auditory processing disorder, so I prefer to read instead of listen. I was excited to see that I can just continue the story on my own in eBook format, instead of waiting for each episode release. Regardless of my wee hearing disorder, I think this is pretty neat. I know when holiday travel starts up again, I will be looking at this site for audiobooks to make the traveling a bit easier.

Now, about the story Silverwood: The Door. I have been keen for sometime to read Keene, but have never gotten around to it. And we all know my bookworm heart beats fast for Kozeniewski. So, when this title came across my inbox I was eager to check it out.

This is a story that combines both primal violence and otherworldly phenomenon. An X-Files tale on steroids that there is no coming back from. If you like stories about the darkness that creeps under our moral humanity then you have found your bedtime fairy-tale.

The story has four authors who seamlessly weave their tales together. Each chapter is written by a different author, but you can’t tell because they have melded their voices as one.

The story felt like a movie as you follow the characters individual journeys. The level of detail paints a vivid picture, a picture that contains much gore and mayhem. However, even with the horror that unfolds on each page, the authors still are able to bring a level of humor to the scenes. I think my favorite involves a character named Devin, who is surrounded by terror and chaos, but tries to maintain an air of professionalism as bodies hit the ground. It tickled my gooey insides.

It was a well crafted story by some of the best horror writers currently alive. If you are interested in reading more or listening to the episodes, check out the first episode/chapter on Serial Box. You can listen to the first episode for free.

The original inspiration for Silverwood: The Door began with a YouTube show called, Silverwood, which was a 10 episode anthology series that came out in 2012. Keene and fellow authors are now continuing the story.

Check out the original inspiration by Tony E. Valenzuela on YouTube below. Then continue the story with Keene and the rest of the horror writing crew.

Synopsis: Deep within the forest of Silverwood, California, a crack between dimensions has appeared. A dark force that lurks among the trees is growing stronger, determined to return home if it can only gather the strength to open the door—bad news for a Cub Scout troop and the employees of Hirsch Capital on a company retreat nearby. As their darkest fears and impulses power the mysterious force, their bonding exercises take a deadly turn. Will anyone be able to keep their minds long enough to close the door before our world is torn apart? 

*I received a free copy of the story in exchange for an honest review

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