Caught in the Devil’s Snare – Dani Matthews

Title: Caught in the Devil’s Snare
Author: Dani Matthews
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance/Erotica

A homeless girl finds a knight in shining armor in his tale, though it’s all a little twisted, since the knight is the leading crime boss for NYC.

Matthews is a new author to me, and she was a recommendation from an online book club I am apart of. I tend to enjoy the controlling, dominant male leads and Devlin was a good compromise. He was just dominating enough that it was enjoyable and not abusive.

Charli was a strong willed and motivated character, though a tad young. I would have preferred she was more than just barely legal. I liked her character well enough despite her age. She was a more mature 18 year old.

The whole scenario was a bit far fetched, but I appreciated that the author wrote about a deaf woman. It added something to her character. It was my first time reading a book where the main character was deaf. I thought the author incorporated it well, without leaving the reader feeling like they were missing something.

The romance took a while to build, which is always the best part. It was a steamy tale and I felt the attraction.

If you are looking for a stand-alone, sexy read then this might be the story for you. You can find the tale on Amazon in Kindle format for 99 cents.

I felt my 99 cents was well-spent.


I live in a world of silence.
Living on the streets hasn’t been easy, but my other senses have kept me safe.
That safety is soon shattered when I’m snatched off the streets and find the Devil pointing his gun at my head.
He spares my life, but that’s not where it ends.
He wants something from me, but I have no intention of giving it to him.

She’d have been dead by my hand if it weren’t for those blazingly defiant green eyes.
She looked like any normal street-ravaged waif until I learned she’s deaf.
Call me intrigued.
Not because she can’t hear, but because she’s the most stubborn female I have ever met.
No one has ever denied me what I want…until Charli came along.
I think I want to keep her.

Recommended for ages 18+.

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2 thoughts on “Caught in the Devil’s Snare – Dani Matthews

    • I don’t think there will be a sequel. On Goodreads it says this is a standalone novel. But that would be a good question to ask the author 🙂

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