Taken by the Beast (Conduit Series Book 1) – Conner Kressley & Rebecca Hamilton

Title: Taken by the Beast
Author: Connor Kressley and Rebecca Hamilton
Publisher: Evershade Publishing
Genre: Romance

Beauty and the Beast is likely one of my most favorite stories. I have always identified with the Belle character and swooned over the beast.

Taken by the Beast evolved to be a twisted tale of this original concept. Charisse plays the Belle character, a feisty, curvy, New York City kind of gal, who never leaves home without her high heels. Whereas, Abram plays the hulking beast of a man with the endowment to aid in his sexual dominance.

The story was different than the original, excluding the curse that turns Abram into a beast. There are no teapot moms and sexually obsessed candelabras in this tale. Instead, it is based in the contemporary world, where magic is waiting just below the skins surface.

When I read romance, I like to feel connected to the characters, and I struggled with connecting to Charisse. She was kind of high maintenance and easily distracted. Plus, I actually dislike the name Charisse. This is me nit-picking, I know. But I can’t help it. So that was a struggle for me. The sex scenes were meh. They didn’t inspire because I felt like the build-up just wasn’t there.

I also was not compelled by the magic system in this world. I’m a big fantasy buff and while it was developed enough that it made sense, I just didn’t really care for it.

I kept reading because I like romance, and I wanted to see where it would go. I like to finish what I start because you never know, the story may evolve into something special.

On the plus side, it was well-written and clicked along at a nice pace. I enjoyed the beast character and his grumpy demeanor. Overall, I was just underwhelmed by it and won’t be picking up the sequel. It wasn’t a bad read, just nothing special. My opinion on this though is in the minority.

You can explore for yourself on Amazon in Kindle edition for $2.99.

Synopsis: When Charisse Bellamy takes the job at New Haven’s first ever Night Club, it’s only intended as a short term solution to make ends meet. But she soon discovers there is no resisting the pull of her new boss, Abram. Despite worrying how her feelings for Abram will impact her budding relationship with police deputy Dalton, she can’t seem to stay away, and it’s not until a missing girl is found chained up in Abram’s home that this beauty realizes one of her romantic interests is a beast.

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