The Witches of Eileanan (The Witches of Eileanan #1) – Kate Forsyth

Title: The Witches of Eileanan #1
Author: Kate Forsyth
Publisher: Ace, an inprint of Penguin Random House
Genre: Epic Fantasy

I have never heard of Forsyth before and I am puzzled as to why?

During the 90’s, I picked up anything with a fantasy theme. It’s when I blossomed as a true reader. I began to know what I liked and could choose stories for myself without relying on my sister to tell me what to read.

It was then where I learned that Gaiman was a storytelling God and de Lint was my muse.

I would peruse the stacks piling my arms with hardcovers (I was a bit of a snob back in the day), and find new authors to read that might speak to my magical yearnings.

So how is it, after 25 years of being a fantasy reader (my preferred genre), I had never stumbled on her name before?

I don’t know, but it’s bothering me and I’m wondering how many other true fantasy authors I’m missing? Whose stories will I die never hearing? Very upsetting, to say the least.

Forsyth is a wonderful character creator. I loved the old, earth and animal loving witch called, Meghan, the caretaker of Isabeau, a young witch whose immaturity vanishes as she is thrust into the brutal world. The characters kept and keep evolving into what might eventually be called heroes.

I loved the world Forsyth created, her world building was constantly growing with each page turn and as the story unfolded, I kept learning about new races and creatures that inhabited the world.

A truly well crafted tale. I cannot wait to read the next installment.

If you are in the mood for a true epic fantasy, one where witches live in hiding, while horned evil spreads its shadow across the world and temptresses beguile kings, this is the story for you.

I enjoyed every page and every word.

You can find the story on Amazon in Kindle format for $2.99. Barnes and Nobles sells new copies for $8.99 in paperback. Otherwise, you can buy used paperbacks through Amazon.

Synopsis: ‘Twas a time when dragons left their lair and evil shadowed the land….

On the Day of Reckoning, the witches of Eileanan were outlawed–and violations of the new order were punishable by death. Eileanan’s Great Towers, once meccas of magic and learning, were left in ruins. And now, the entire land trembles in fear….

Yet deep in the mountains, in the shadow of Dragonclaw, a young girl is being tutored in the old ways. Ignorant of her past, uncertain of her future, the foundling Isabeau will soon be forced down a dangerous path of prophesy, conspiracy, and magic. It is a world where dragons possess the key to ancient mysteries…where a lost prince will discover a strange and wondrous destiny…and where the ultimate battle between good and evil will be waged….

A new Day of Reckoning is at hand….

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