Night Side of Nature – James K. Pratt

Vampire stories are always fun, whether they are demonic goth or sparkly and shiny. We all love a good lord of the night tale. Teenage vamps are a popular theme that Pratt capitalized on with this novella.

This story had good bones and started out with a strong beginning. The main character seemed likeable enough, but I often found myself confused by the choices/conversations that occurred. I enjoyed the concept though and saw potential with the story line.

Unfortunately, there was a lack of character and plot development, leaving this story rather unrefined. I felt that information was largely dumped on the reader to progress the story quickly (rather too quickly), which ultimately just made the tale less enchanting.

While this story didn’t work for me, I am sure there are some young readers out there that would find it an enjoyable light snack.

You can find the story on Amazon for 99 cents in Kindle format or $9.69 in paperback.

Synopsis: Alexia Bathory befriends a mysterious girl at school who brings revelations of a family secret that spans centuries. The truth leaves Alexia with a stark choice of conscience, stay with her family and live a life of wealth and power or runaway and tear her family apart.


Although my mother is English, and I was born in Scotland I’ve spent little time in the British Isles. I’ve lived much of my life in and around the Pacific be it Hawaii, Guam, Japan or the West Coast of the United States.












OWL Rating: For good bones and potential

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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