Not Dead…Yet

Hi all! I am just reaching out to say, WE ARE ALIVE!

Well kinda…

We have had a slew of personal and work things come up that have caused us to literally have no time to do what we love, which is read. A marriage occurred, sickness ensued, the paying the bills job got a bit more demanding… I can keep going, but I will spare you the finer details.

I know I have a slew of books I am scheduled to read for several authors. We have not forgotten about you! And I am scratching at the itch to get back to my stories.

If you have emailed me, I am sorry. I’m barely aware of what my name is most days.

While we might be a little quiet for a couple months, we will be back in force soon enough.

Thanks to all our dedicated readers! We have not abandoned you! We promise!

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