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Calvin Demmer is a rapid writer when it comes to short stories. The ideas just fly out of his head. In addition to being a fast writer, he has a wonderful taste in book covers. I’m a judge-er, and proud to admit I won’t buy a book unless I like the cover. I believe the cover can reveal much about an author. It can tell me how artistic or compatible I am with the story. I have never read a story I liked that did not have an artsy cover that appealed to my taste buds. Some may argue that authors don’t always have full control over the cover. This is true and something I try to be mindful of. But so far, if it’s an ugly cover, the story usually needs work and leaves me disappointed. So to be safe, if you want people like me to buy your story, take care with the cover the best that you can. Show that you care about the visual representation.

Dying Valentine was the first of the lot I cracked open. A fitting tale for the Valentine’s Day lover or hater depending on your perspective. Demmer has a theme of writing stories around the holidays and this was another festive special. A dark time for many to be sure. Dying Valentine started off feeling like a Supernatural story-line. I thought initially it was the makings of a repeated theme. A dark road and a woman in white, we’ve all heard that one before. But Demmer has his own version that is not quite what I expected. For a twisty end you will have to read it yourself. I wasn’t invested in this story as much because I expected a cliché, and even though it ended on a different note, I never truly embraced the tale.

For this story I give  OWLS

Synopsis: Daniel Hill was on edge. He was meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time, and they had to go and make Valentine’s Day evening the date. Who did that? Wasn’t Valentine’s Day for couples and not families? Then the girl in the white dress wandered in front of his vehicle. At that moment, Daniel knew his night was going to take a wrong turn…

If only he knew the new course would lead him down a dark one-way path.

She Will Rise was much more captivating. A domestic situation that goes batty. I felt drawn in by the ill mother and daughter relationship from the beginning. My only wish is that it had been longer in order to establish the twist that occurs in the end. It felt a bit rushed, and I felt that the protagonist needed more time to feel her rage. In addition, I would have benefited from some kind of explanation for the events that unfolded. I felt there was too much unexplained. Therefore, great beginning and solid middle, but the ending needed more.

For this story I give OWLS

Synopsis: Luna Mendes has come home from college for Easter. She finds her mother bedridden, far more ill than she feared. Her stepfather hasn’t changed, though. And that is a problem. Before the weekend is out, something will rise against the darkness that has haunted her family.

Spring Outbreak flowed the smoothest and was the most enrapturing of the stories from this horde. There was a better lead up to the crazy that follows. I enjoyed this story the best because I felt the emotions of fear the most. The isolation was the most compelling of all the emotions and I believe Demmer captured it well. Demmer’s endings can be somewhat abrupt at times, but this time it did not bother me. It felt appropriate. Demmer has great ideas, I look forward to when he expands on them into a longer length tale.

For this story I give OWLS

Synopsis: Gwen Montgomery has come to Mexico during spring break to clear her mind. It seems like the perfect solution after a difficult breakup. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be more wrong. When she wakes after falling asleep on the beach, the horrific scene she finds sends her running. But she can’t run forever.


Calvin Demmer is a crime, mystery, and speculative fiction author. He has had over thirty stories published in various magazines and anthologies. When not writing, he is intrigued by that which goes bump in the night and the sciences of our universe.






Purchase the stories in Kindle format from Amazon for $0.99 cents:

Dying Valentine

She Will Rise

Spring Outbreak

*I received a free copy of each story in exchange for an honest review

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