Pleasure Model – Christopher Rowley (Netherworld #1)

6851246I had never heard of Heavy Metal Pulp genre until a couple weeks ago. While stumbling around my boyfriend’s book horde, I found this strange novel scattered among the shelves. My excitement increased as I realized it came with pictures!

A short, fast paced story with sex being a main character, but equally partnered with an intriguing detective story that will leave you in suspense.

The pictures were a fun addition and I have to say I enjoyed the story. Rook, the good cop and our hero has a soft spot for the ladies, but he plays a respectable man who respects even the robotic species. He’s a good guy that is easy to like, especially when all his chips are down. This is a fun and sexy crime novel that will be sure to entertain those who enjoy the science fiction side of life. However, my only warning is this story is meant for a more mature audience. The pictures and details in the story are not meant for children.

You can find the book on Amazon in Kindle format for $7.99 and in paperback for $17.99.

P.S. This story is likely to offend some. The women are heavily sexualized. A perfect story for an adolescent boy with raging hormones.

Synopsis: Presenting Heavy Metal Pulp, a new line of novels combining noir fiction with fantastic art featuring the themes, story lines, and graphic styles of Heavy Metal magazine.

In Pleasure Model, the first book in the Netherworld trilogy, down-and out police detective Rook gets a big break when he’s assigned to a bizarre and vicious murder case. The clues are colder than the corpse and the case looks like it’ll remain unsolved—until an eyewitness is discovered. But the witness is a Pleasure Model, an illegal gene-grown human. Plesur’s only purpose is to provide satisfaction to her owner—in any way. When the murderer targets Plesur in order to eliminate the one witness, Rook takes her into hiding to protect her. Thus begins a descent into the dark world of exotic pleasure mods and their illicit buyers and manufacturers. Rook frantically looks for clues, struggling to stay one stop ahead of those looking to kill them both. But is Rook falling under Plesur’s spell….?

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