Pale Hearts – Emily Eckart – Short Stories


Short stories are great for when the night is late and you need a quick read. Eckart’s stories have kept me company this past month as the lights were dimmed and the Sandman set in.

Eckart has been published in several major publications, including Potomac Review and Nature. This encouraged my decision when I agreed to read this collection. I have to say that I was glad to have said yes. Her writing is on a different level than the everyday story. It is deeper and more thoughtful. With each ending you are left pondering the events and what they mean. A poetic writer, she captures the darkness of reality. These are not happy tales, they are real tales with consequences that are not always pretty.

I enjoyed this collection, though a bit dark for my overall tastes. I would have preferred an uplifting tale thrown in once in a while to balance the others. But I only complain because I read to escape reality, not bathe in it. And Eckart keeps it real. A gifted writer like Eckart deserves to be heard and her collection will leave you wanting more.

You can find the stories on Amazon in Kindle for $2.99 and in paperback for $14.99.

Synopsis: What happens when a safety app isn’t enough to protect a child? Is there really such a thing as a Grechtzoar? What really is the nature of happiness? How do we quantify it? These questions and more are answered in the pages of breakout author Emily Eckart’s “Pale Hearts,” a collection of short stories. Emily’s writing has something for everyone, and her heartfelt stories leave the reader with a sense of longing for a place and time they may never have known.


6832463Emily Eckart studied music at Harvard University.  Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Nature, Potomac Review, New World Writing, and elsewhere. Besides writing, she is interested in classical music and environmental conservation. She is currently at work on her first novel.






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