Hungry Ghosts and Labor Day Hunt – Short Stories – Calvin Demmer

31815027 31308950Short stories are a good way to pass a few minutes. Whether out on lunch, or stuck in the waiting room, they help to pass the time and don’t leave you lingering.

I’ve always been a fan of short stories ever since reading my mother’s subscription of Story as a child. And my fan-ish ways continue.

Demmer is a good writer, he certainly has the writing gift and I believe he will do well as a writer as he continues down his chosen path.

I enjoyed Hungry Ghosts the best. It was more original and engaging. A scary ghost story, but no, much more. Creepy and alarming, I shuddered at the horrific tale as it unfolded. A Chinese legend come to pass, with grizzly results. Definitely worth the read as I hovered over it during lunch one day. It’s a story that would be exciting if it was developed into something larger.

Labor Day Hunt made me happy because it was a tale about the horror genre vampires. These days we are a bit overrun with vampires that are innately good, and this story returns back to the days when vampires are evil. The story was well written and engaging, but was not original enough to make me want more of it.

You can find both stories on Amazon in Kindle format for 99 cents.

Labor Day Hunt

Hungry Ghosts


Labor Day Hunt: Jared Rodgers needed cash and had to work, while the rest of his hometown got to kick back and enjoy Labor Day. After answering a job ad in the local paper, he is directed to an abandoned warehouse. An ominous feeling grips him as soon as he enters the boarded-up building. By the time he realizes what’s going on, the hunt has already begun.

Hungry Ghosts: A rocky relationship threatens to ruin Lara Adams’ first time abroad. To her surprise, she finds that she and her boyfriend, Ray, have arrived in China during the “Hungry Ghost Festival”. Swept up in the warm mood of the festival and people, Lara feels things may finally improve. This year, however, the ghosts have found a new way to prolong their stay in this realm.


9815686Calvin Demmer is a crime, mystery, and speculative fiction author. When not writing, he is intrigued by that which goes bump in the night and the sciences of our universe. His work has appeared in a variety of publications including Sanitarium Magazine, Morpheus Tales, and Devolution Z.






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*I received a free copy of the stories in exchange for an honest review.

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