Midas – Chris Nicholas

24949077I stumbled upon Nicholas’ blog one day and found it moving. Oftentimes, what he had to say struck a cord in me. I found that he was a good writer, but more than that, he was a writer that could evoke emotion in me.

Nowadays, his blog posts are one of the only ones I read. I usually delete most of what people prattle on about. But his, no his I spend the 5 minutes to read.

It won’t surprise you when that means I decided one day to buy his book. His first. It wasn’t necessarily something I would generally buy, but I thought if his blog spoke to me, maybe his stories would as well.

Well I did enjoy it. It was action packed, never boring, certainly interesting. I loved the whole Four Horsemen angle. And I plan to buy the rest in the series. I look forward to seeing where this story will go, what new characters will enter the scene, and generally what Nicholas has in store for his readers.

If you enjoy action pumped, political, military-type take downs and are looking for a fun, yet intriguing read, I’m pretty confident this story will satisfy your taste buds. With betrayal around every corner, you never know who is batting for what team. A thrilling ride for those who like a little wild on the side.

You can find the book on Amazon in Kindle for $3.99 or in paperback for $15.99.

Synopsis: Jason Dark is a member of MARSOC’s elite Bravo unit; a team of soldiers tasked with hunting down and eliminating the infamous assassin known as Chaos. But when Chaos is killed, his four sons avenge his death by brutally murdering Dark’s comrades and setting into motion their maniacal plan to bring about the end of the modern world.

Now a team of international soldiers has been assembled and, with the help of Dark, they must race against time to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from launching a devastating biological attack against Europe.

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