Dissent – Thomas Olbert

29608398Imagine an all female world, where men do not exist. Likely wiped out by their female superiors. In Dissent, you enter a world where beasts birth the human babies and women have more testosterone than men.

I liked the ending, the last big chapter, the climax if you will. I felt like the story finally was coming together and I saw the purpose. Olbert, is a good writer, in that he has created an alternate world unlike anything I have read before — a skilled world builder. It was rather fascinating to me that I kept forgetting all of the characters were female. Their bloodlust and warrior cries full of rage and testosterone, I had to keep reminding myself that these were women. Olbert created a whole race of terrifyingly, violent women that I would not want to spend a Sunday afternoon with. But I liked the creativity, it was refreshing.

Overall, this story wasn’t for me. The main reason being, up until the very end, there was a lack of character development. The love story that exists throughout the story, felt false. It began with an uncomfortable beginning, almost like a forced union and that uncomfortable feeling continued throughout most of the story. If there had been a longer lead up, a more thorough revelation of the characters as the book unfolded, perhaps I would have felt more of a connection. Unfortunately, I felt very little for any of the characters. And I needed that connection.

However, it was still an intriguing tale and well-written. It is worth exploring for the interested Science Fiction readers out there. You can find the book on Amazon for $0.99 cents or in paperback for $9.99.


Synopsis: This thrilling and inventive space opera takes us to a fascinating and terrifying future where newborn life is won in battle and death. Genetic engineering has removed the male influence and Femes, a sapien race similar to legendary Amazon Warriors, fight each other for supremacy across the galaxy.

Despite being born with the genes of nobility, Kaylenn decides to prove herself in battle. Nothing is more sacred to a Kralite. When her government declares war, she is eager to prove herself again. All opponents fall before her, but when she has no choice but to place her faith in Saaryth–a lowly Kaltaarist squadron commander–or face glorious death herself, she chooses to live.

Born to the tribe, Saaryth embodies the unity and self-sacrifice that is the birthright of all Kaltaarists. After years of being marginalized by their Kralite-led government, Saaryth shows Kaylenn the potential of the many working together in perfect harmony to accomplish a single goal. But Kaylenn’s fiery passion awakens within Saaryth desires forbidden to Kaltaarists: she doesn’t want to share.

Their union provokes the ire of the governments and corporations controlling the galaxy, but is the only hope to save Kaylenn’s homeworld. The Nexus is always watching… and its judgment is neigh.


Appropriate for Adults: Moderately Explicit Violence and Death, including domestic violence; Brief explicit same-gender sexual situations; Profanity; Violence against and death of animals

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*I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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