The Goddess Within – Iva Kenaz

51DfdXolheL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_One of the things that makes Iva Kenaz’s writing so wonderful to read is it’s refreshing, unique, and void of any desire to be the next mainstream big thing. This is the third book I’ve read by her, and a standalone sequel to her first novel, The Witch Within, and it pulled me in just as much as the other two novels, if not more. Set in 16th-century Italy, The Goddess Within follows Berka, a 15-year-old girl who lives in the wilds of the forest with her recluse father, who has raised her to live in harmony with nature.

Drawn by dreams to a faun, a creature from a parallel, magical realm, she soon finds herself on a journey of self-discovery as bandits and shadow spirits create havoc in her forest home. For believers in the mysteries of the forest, this story brings nature and spirituality in tune. Although there’s a romance, it doesn’t dominate the story by any means, but instead serves as a thread tying elements of the story together. And yet, the love story was truly one of my favorite parts of the book.

One thing I really appreciate about Kenaz’s writing is how she subtlety weaves magic into the mundane. A passing glance often reveals something so much more meaningful without launching into lengthy explanations, making it masterfully done. Her characters never lack a voice, and Berka’s growth from a willful, naive, innocent girl to a woman who, although still very much a pure soul,  delves into her “inner goddess,” was well-written and served as a main theme. Much like in her previous novel The Witch Within, the story explores earth-based,  ancestral spiritualism that centers around the feminine mystique.

This enchanting tale of self-discovery, growth, and forgiveness blends sacred geometry—which is the belief that God has ascribed symbolic and sacred meaning to geometric shapes—mythical creatures, and familial bonds to create a tale that anyone who appreciates nature, fantasy, and love will want to read. You can find The Goddess Within on Amazon for $2.99 in Kindle and $12.00 in paperback.



Surreal Owl Metallic on the Night 3d

Surreal Owl Metallic on the Night 3dSurreal Owl Metallic on the Night 3dSurreal Owl Metallic on the Night 3dSurreal Owl Metallic on the Night 3d






A magical journey set in 16th century Italy.

Berka was raised by her hermit father in the wild, secluded from human society. At the dawn of her fifteenth summer she meets a faun, a being from a different realm. The two are instantly drawn to each other, but their secret meetings are soon disturbed by the arrival of a group of bandits. The threat intensifies when the group’s leader establishes an alliance with evil spirits from the underworld. Berka’s father comes up with an escape plan, but she doesn’t want to leave and so she finds another way to deal with the inevitable peril. Throughout the adventure, Berka also embarks on a road to self-discovery. She learns to embrace the powerful aspects of her divine feminine as well as the inseparable bond to the masculine.

The story is inspired by ancient European mythology, pagan philosophy and Sacred Geometry symbolism.

The Goddess Within is a stand-alone sequel to Kenaz’s debut novel, The Witch Within.




8341427Iva Kenaz was born in Prague, the Czech Republic. Writing has been her greatest passion since childhood and her novels are significantly influenced by esotericism, pagan philosophy and spirituality. She holds an M.A in Creative Writing, but also studied Screenwriting at the Film Academy in Prague. She has worked as a teacher, a screenwriter and a translator and has written and published three novels, The Witch Within, My Melancholic Diary and The Goddess Within. For more information please visit her website:





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