Video Game Review – Game of Thrones (A Telltale Games Series)

12244549_816785061764126_4440625981279682702_oPoint and click games are becoming my new favorite genre. The focus is the story and the story hinges all on your individual choices. Mere seconds are allowed while you contemplate what path you would take, or what path you feel the character should follow. In the end, your choices are weighed and the consequences whether good or bad are revealed.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series did not disappoint. I am already going through the story line a second time to see what the results would be had I chosen a different path. True to the books, death is rampant and the choice between family and duty can mean life or death.

My first time through I was addicted, couldn’t wait for the next episode. There are six episodes in all and they all average about 2 hours to complete.

If you are a lover of story driven games, I can’t recommend it enough. You can buy it through Steams portal, on sale now for $10.19 and it is also available for most major platforms including PS4, PS3, XBOX 360, XBOX One for $29.99.

Synopsis: Based on HBO’s award-winning television drama, Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series tells the story of House Forrester, a noble house from the north of Westeros. Caught up in the events of The War of the Five Kings, they are placed in a precarious position where members of the household must do everything they can to prevent the house from meeting its doom.

Learn more about the game from Telltale

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