Haunted By Robots With Feelings

Robot child lying on the floor and reading a book. Bluish background.While lounging in bed this morning, resisting the urge to get up, I picked up a short story anthology I have slowly been working my way through called Brave New Girls. The story I happened to read today, Robot Repair Girl by Josh Pritchett, was about a girl who fixes robots with her father. These robots have been programmed to have feelings and as a result have wants, needs, emotions, etc.

In one scene, an angry man publicly assaults a robot who has taken his job. The protagonist feels sorry for the robot and with her father’s help they fix it up. This was just one scene of the little story, and in itself was an interesting, but foreign idea to me, and easily forgettable on any normal day.

Robots with feelings? Pfft.

Or so I thought, until I happened to be in my car this afternoon. Turning on the ignition the radio buzzed to life, and a male voice came out of my speakers. I ignored the noise (mostly) until somewhere in my brain I began to recognize words. I started zoning in, trying to grasp what the voice was talking about. He was detailing a recent story about a man who just beat up an emotion-feeling robot in Japan this past week.

Are you kidding?! I thought I was hallucinating, or going crazy. I swore I was making it up. What are the chances that the very day I decide to read this short story, a VERY similar story is being dispersed all over the news?


I had to share this strange and creepy coincidence. This story is now forever going to haunt me. Check out the real life example here.

My review of the anthology is yet to come, but if you are eager to learn more you can find it on Amazon for $4.99 in Kindle and $13.56 in paperback.


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