A Neophyte’s Tale – CK Dawn

ckdawnneoI recently had the pleasure of joining a Facebook party for a new author promoting his newest book. During these parties that generally last all day, various other authors take over and promote their books as well. These “parties” are actually fun, much to my surprise! Especially, when the authors understand how to engage with the audience.

I was one of the lucky ones who won a contest for a free book by CK Dawn, one of the various hostesses. I thought the book sounded good and I enjoyed the author’s personality that came through over the web.

Having misplaced my Kindle, likely leaving it at the boyfriend’s house, I decided to crack open her short story A Neophyte’s Tale, a prequel to the series Netherwalker. I figured this would give me a taste of what the author was capable of.

I was happy that my instincts had been accurate regarding the author. I obviously loved it and was happy to know the short story would continue in Book 1 of the Netherwalker series, which you can imagine I tore into immediately upon finishing the short snack of the prequel.

I may be getting a bit clogged up with how many books I am reading at one time, but I couldn’t wait to know more. I am looking forward to reading this series and think other like minded readers might enjoy CK Dawn and her twisted version of the Knights of the Round Table.

If you enjoy King Arthur twists and are an overall fantasy geek like me, then I think you will enjoy this story. Dawn had me hooked within the first couple pages.

You can find the prequel on Amazon for $0.00 dollars right now in Kindle format. Being free and all there really is no good reason not to pick it up. Do it!





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