My Top 5 Fantasy Authors at This Moment in Time

Magic Boock I promise I have not stopped reading. I’ve just been working my way through 2 different series.

See, I can’t just read one book at a time. I’m the type of person that reads 3 or 4 books at the same time and sometimes on the same day. This means it often takes me triple the normal time to get through one book. I’m not exactly sure why I’m unable to commit to one book at a time. I seem to have some deep seated commitment issues. I guess when it comes to my reading I would commit to being called polyamorous. Don’t ask me to be loyal to just one, I have too many itches to scratch.

Since I am unable at this time to provide any new book reviews, I thought I would share some of my favorite authors (in no particular order).

#1 Juliet Marillier: Enter a world of ancient Celtic history and fairytale. I wish I could share a professional book trailer with you, but alas the only ones that exist are fan made. However, even though fans made them, they are still pretty neat for what they are and can give some indication of the feel of her books. Her first book Daughter of the Forest is one of my most treasured reads and the sequels that followed. Here is an audio clip from this particular text:

Here is a fan made book trailer that I thought was cleverly representative (uses video clips from real/non-related movies – still cool though!)

#2 Neil Gaiman: I mean, of course he would be on my list. He is one of the fantasy gods that have made the genre what it is today. He doesn’t have much in the way of book trailers. But, it seems he is starting to add these to his marketing campaign. Check out one of his recent book trailers, narrated by the author himself.

#3 Resa Nelson: Nelson is one of my newest finds and I have become rather fond of her. I am reading her last novel in her Dragonslayer series and can’t wait to post my review, which will be coming soon!.

Here is the book trailer for the 2nd novel in that series:

#4 Tanya Huff: I love Huff’s magical stories. She writes varied content and the magical ones are by far my favorite of her creations. You might know her best from her vampire series, which became popular in Canada when a TV series came out based on one of her series.

Another author who does not use book trailers to market her content. But, here is a trailer for the TV show Blood Ties that came out in 2007 – if interested. Little vamp love below:

#5 Rachel Neumeier: Introduced to me by my boyfriend this year, Neumeier is a great world builder that has a compelling tale to tell. A master at crafting a majestic tale for sure. While she doesn’t have a professional trailer for any of her books, I was able to find fan based ones for one of her novels (that I did not read, but looks good).

Fan trailer:

Student Fan Trailer:

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