UNSHATTERED Book Trailer – Elena Kincaid

unshatterdgoodreadsI started creating book trailers for my sister when her first book came out and have since branched out and started creating for other authors.

Overall, I find them generally fun to do, especially when working with such an agreeable and artistic author as Elena. I’m rather proud of how this one turned out. I hope it might inspire some of you who enjoy a steamy romance to take a look at Kincaid’s newest book. Coming out soon! You can pre-order a copy at Bookstrand now.

My newest trailer for UNSHATTERED Silver Cliff #1 by Elena Kincaid is posted below.

For more information about my trailer services check out Turn The Page Editing.

Synopsis: After Anna James loses nearly everyone she loves and is betrayed by those she trusted, she sets out in search of a place that would bring her peace. She knew she had found it when she arrived in a sleepy little town called Silver Cliff and she vows to keep it that way…to never trust anyone with her heart again, especially a man she fears would not only break her heart, he’d incinerate it.

Nathan Kent has dealt with his own heartache, his own demons from getting off the path he was meant to be on. He decides to return to his home town to rebuild his life and the last thing he needs is to fall in love with a snarky girl who keeps her past under lock and key. He realizes quickly though, that she is girl worth risking it all for and vows to break through all of her defenses to make her his.

Their pull was undeniable, like fireworks on top of flaming bonfires added to all the burners on the stove going at once and mixed with all the chemicals overreacting to each other in a lab. But Anna can’t help wonder if she and Nathan are strong enough to survive a past that keeps resurfacing or if fate will keep shattering the world around her.











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