The Stranger’s Woes: The Labyrinths of Echo, Book 2 – Max Frei

stranger's woesI read the first book in the series almost two years ago now, but I kept remembering it. A quirky tale about a normal guy who finds himself transported (willingly) to another world. The strange deadpan humor that is rampant throughout the story, the extravagant clothing, the curious characters that Max Frei (pen name), or also known as Svetlana Martynchik created would not leave me alone. I had to continue the series. I wanted to know where the main character, also called Max would go. What was going to happen on the other side of the rabbit hole?

Book 2 continues Max’s adventures in the city of Echo, a parallel universe to our own. As an investigator you follow him on several jobs and a budding romance. To be honest, while there is always something going on, nothing important really happens until about the last 50 pages. At which point the story shifts and it is clear you have reached the climax.13542356

While most of it felt like filler content, I have to say I enjoyed it for what it was. This series is very unique and the humor is strange, but agreeable. I welcomed being back in Echo and following Max around as he continued living his life.

If as intrigued as I was, you can find the book on Amazon for $7.99 in Kindle or $14.51 in paperback or for $21.01 in hardcover.

Synopsis: The Labyrinths of Echo series –the adventures of Max, who was once a loser but discovers a new world –has been an international literary sensation since its debut. In this second installment, Sir Max is still a hardened smoker, an uncomplicated glutton, and a loafer, but once again, he gets lucky. He travels to the parallel world of Echo, where magic is commonplace and where he fits right in. Plunging back into the astounding and absurd realm first portrayed in The Stranger(’s #1 Book of 2009), this is a sequel of addictive power, blending fantasy, horror, philosophy, and comedy. Readers will welcome this “utterly original” (Bookslut) volume of the new adventures and misadventures of Sir Max in this enchanting world.





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