Chelsea and Swindle – James K. Pratt

ChelseANDSwindleMemories of playing Dungeons & Dragons came rushing back as I delved into this story about a young goblin named Tuk and the characters he meets along his journey. Specifically Chelsea and Swindle, two orphans for hire (if you got the dough). It has a certain similar feel to the popular tabletop game and awoke the adventurer in me.

This is a short story, I finished it in an hour tops. It is being tagged as a novella and it appears there is a sequel in the works, something I do hope to see. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. With all self-published authors I tend to hesitate before I pick up their stories. Not because they don’t have a compelling tale to tell, but because so many are unwilling or unable to hire an editor that can clean the story up and present it in a readable and enjoyable format. I’ll admit I’m a tad snobbish in this way. While Pratt credits no editor, it was a pretty clean story. As a result, I give Pratt kudos for the relative grammatical and structural cleanliness.

Now back to the story. Tuk is an inspiring and precocious little 7 year old goblin who I just wanted to love. Even though he is on a murderous rampage, I can’t help but feel the need to mother the little guy. Chelsea and Swindle add a tiny bit of age to the trio. I wasn’t completely sure what age they were supposed to be, but I would guess somewhere in their mid-teens. Just as I was getting interested in their respective personalities and journeys the story ended, though leaving room for a sequel. I do hope to learn more about these characters in Book 2.

I do recommend this little tale to any fantasy lover out there. If you are a tabletop gamer, I think you will find this story most appealing. However, you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy it. Any fantasy lover should be entertained. I know I enjoyed the short journey and look forward to reading more in the sequels to follow.

You can find the book on Amazon for .99 cents.

Also, there is a sneak peak on Amazon where you can read the first couple chapters first.

Side-Note: Love the cover! Definitely caught my interest.

Synopsis: At only seven years old the goblin Tuk witnesses the massacre of his family at hands of greedy adventurers. Now, on a hopeless quest for vengeances, Tuk leaves his childhood behind.

His quest for justice leads him to a city ruled by humans and elves and where the adventurers are seen as heroes. Along the way he befriends two orphans like him, Chelsea and Swindle. But Tuk’s quest will challenge the ruling class and rile the goblins and orcs, who identify with Tuk, to the boiling point.


JamesPrattJames K. Pratt was born in Scotland. But now lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. ‘Chelsea and Swindle’ was his first published work.





Also check out his new series Children of NOD – Available on Amazon in Kindle format for $2.99



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*I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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