Matron Lit What?

grandmother with hair curlers putting on lipstickI recently got into a debate with my sister about calling mature women’s fiction “chick-lit.” In general, chick-lit refers to 20-30 year old protagonists, humorous or light toned, and deals with women’s issues, whether they be romantic, familiar, or individual. However, I am not alone in seeing the chick-lit components that are winding there way into contemporary women’s fiction. I was so tickled when I came across this article from The Telegraph, in which they provide trending names for the older generation of women’s fiction that is not quite just regular women’s fiction, but in its essence is chick-lit for an older audience. Welcome to the stage “matron lit” or “grey lit.” This article was written in 2005, making this obviously old news. But it was new to me and I was pleased to find an appropriate term to coin the 40 plus generation of women’s light fiction. I’ll admit I hate the term matron lit, it just sounds stuffy, but I can roll with the grey.

If you want to learn more check out the article here.

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