Lily Steps Out – Rita Plush

LilyStepsOut-cover-FRONTBefore I began this story I glanced at some reviews. Yes, I am guilty. I remember one that said something along the lines of not much happens in this story. This is true. This is not a story that is a grand adventure that will take you away from your troubles. Instead, it is a story that is about an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life. And I think that is the exact point of the story. It is meant to speak to everyday ordinary women who want to change their life in some small way. It is a story that is meant for a specific audience.

The story reminds me of something you might encounter two women gossiping about over lunch, while they catch up on what has been going on, “Did you hear the troubles going on in the Gold marriage? For shame!”

Plush is a good writer, a light writer. While the story deals with some depressing themes, Plush keeps the tone light and in-tune with the chick-lit genre. It clicks along at a nice pace and I think there are women who will relate to the protagonist Lily Gold.

Overall, the story was not for me. I had a hard time connecting with the main character. But that is my own subjective experience and I do believe this story has an audience that will appreciate it.

You can find the book on Amazon for $2.99 in Kindle or $9.89 in paperback.

SYNOPSIS: Empty nest, retired husband … after thirty-three years of marriage as wife, mother, nursemaid, and family mediator, Lily Gold has had it! There must be more to life than making beds and cooking dinners. A lot more, she discovers, when she decides she needs something of her very own – a job. Re-entering the work force is harder than it seems, and Lily has difficulty finding a position that’s just right for her. When she finally does, she knows it’s a perfect fit. But husband Leon wants no part of it, and off he goes to the bank to put the kibosh on her chance of opening her own antique center. This is marriage? This is war! Lily steps out of the tired old habit of always letting Leon have his way. This time she turns the status quo into quid pro quo and gives him a run for the money. And, while she’s at it, with a little help from her friends, she breaks the mold of Lily Gold. But does she have what it takes to create a new Lily – a Lily’s renaissance? Lily Gold’s journey is the journey of every woman who wants it all – love, respect, personal fulfillment, and real happiness.


RITA Rita Plush lives and writes in Queens, New York. Her writing practice includes both fiction and nonfiction. She is the author of Lily Steps Out (Penumbra Publishing 2012), and the short story collection, Alterations (Penumbra 2013). Rita is a frequent contributor to the popular blogs, Boomer  Cafe, Best Chick Lit, and Dames of Dialogue.

During her forty-year career as an interior designer, Rita was the Coordinator of the Interior Design Decorating Program in Continuing Ed. at Queensborough Community College. There, she implemented and taught several classes in the program and remains on the faculty. As a speaker, Rita has presented at libraries and synagogues, at Hofstra University and CW Post Hutton House, on topics ranging from writing and publishing, the decorative arts, interior design and “Coco Chanel ~ The Woman–The Legend”






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Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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