Video Game Review – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Enslaved_Odyssey_to_the_WestSick days are good days to do video game catch-up. I recently bought this game on a Steam sale for under ten dollars and it was worth every penny. A 14 chapter game with a cinematic epilogue to follow. Having received mostly positive reviews, I thought I would check out a game I knew nothing about. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic, mech controlled environments with limited, but not static combat mechanics then you might like this game. The design of the game is really quite beautiful and the character animation and voice over was well done. It is a loose translation of the Chinese story Journey to the West. 

I personally enjoyed this game a ton and was sad to leave the world after the ten hours of game-play I put into it. The ending could have used a little more work to resolve Monkey and Trip’s relationship.  Monkey is the main character you control and Trip is the tech-savvy, attractive female counterpart. Love is in the air my friends and who doesn’t love a little romance in their game time? Other than that, I only ran into one glitch that was slightly annoying, but did not upset or cause any issues moving forward. So overall, a pretty clean game in my opinion.

If you are interested in checking out this game, which is available on multiple platforms I recommend Steam which currently is listing the game at $6.79 for a limited time. You can also check out the trailer below.

Synopsis: Follow a gripping, surprise-filled journey as two dissimilar characters form an uneasy partnership in order to survive through a perilous, post-apocalyptic America. 150 years in the future, war and destruction have left the world in ruins with few humans remaining and nature having reclaimed the world. Mysterious slave ships harvest the dwindling population and take them out west, never to return. Trip, a technologically savvy young woman has been imprisoned by a slave ship but manages to escape using her mental prowess. Monkey, a strong, brutish loner and fellow prisoner also gets free by virtue of his raw power and brawn. Trip quickly realizes that Monkey is her ticket to freedom and is her only hope to survive her perilous journey back home. She hacks a slave headband and fits it on Monkey, linking them together. If she dies, he dies and her journey has now become his. ENSLAVED centers on the complex relationship between the two main characters. Players take on the role of Monkey, utilizing a mix of combat, strategy and environmental traversal to ensure he and Trip survive the threats and obstacles that stand in the way of their freedom.

Game Developer Link: Ninja Theory

Game Publisher Link: Bandai Namco Games


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