We Are Wormwood – Autumn Christian

We are WormwoodI don’t personally know what it would be like to have schizophrenia, but if you want an extreme view into that window this book will likely provide it. Almost entirely, the book is a hallucination. It is dark and mysterious and may leave questions left unanswered. One thing I really enjoyed was the imagery Christian used to describe what the main character, Lily, was seeing. In truth, I think this story would have worked better as an epic poem, rather than a feature length story. Christian has a beautiful way with words and the language she uses to cast her scenery often made me stop to appreciate her gift of expression. A couple sentences I just had to highlight, “She scratched ribbons into my bare skin” or “Once you invade someone’s dreams you’re a part of them forever. For the rest of their life they’ll be spitting out little pieces of you.” While these are just a couple, there were many beautiful instances where Christian painted with her words.

This is a nontraditional story, and I am more of a traditional kind of girl. While this story was not my cup of tea, I appreciate the author’s original concept idea and her attempt at writing outside the box and providing a window into an often unshared world.

If you are interested in checking out this book you can find it on Amazon in the Kindle format for $3.99 or in paperback for $10.85.


Synopsis: Ever since she was a child, Lily has been pursued by a demonic girl with wormwood eyes.

As Lily struggles with her schizophrenic mother’s decline into insanity, the death of her somnambulist childhood love, and her own painful, disturbed adolescence, she must face the strange girl that haunts her.

Yet something is chasing her that is much more dangerous.

A darkly surreal, drug-coated romance, We are Wormwood tells an inhuman love story, and the transformation that results from affection among monsters.


The Girl Behind the Book: Autumn Christian is a fiction writer who lives in the dark woods with poisonous blue flowers in her backyard and a black deer skull on her wall. She is waiting for the day when she hits her head on the cabinet searching for the popcorn bowl and all consensus reality dissolves.

She’s been a freelance writer, a game designer, a cheese producer, a haunted house actor, and a video game tester. She considers Philip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury, Katie Jane Garside, the southern gothic, and dubstep, as main sources of inspiration.




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*I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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