Wildworld Series – L.J. Smith

night of solsticeheart of valorL.J.Smith is not a a new author. She’s been around since the 80s. These two books were written in the late 80s and recently due to the vampire craze Smith has been reborn. She is now known for her Vampire Diaries series that was recently made into a hit TV drama. However, before vampires took over the world she was just a young adult author who wrote teen books, she wasn’t particularly famous, though she was a best seller, she had and currently has a following. I will say I have been following this author since I was in my early tweens and I am thrilled she has returned to writing after a long hiatus. Twilight has often been compared to her series Vampire Diaries, and I will add she wrote years before Stephenie Meyer. The similarities make you wonder if Meyer grew up reading Smith’s body of work. I would like to note that Smith’s Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle series are only her original work up to a certain point. Unfortunately, due to some copyright issues (that Smith was not very educated about when she wrote the series) her series has since been taken over and have recently been written by ghostwriters, writing under her name. They are not nearly as good and in all truth I highly recommend you stop reading both series once the ghostwriter takes over. To learn more about this legal fiasco and to read her fan fiction of her own work, or in other words the real sequels, please check out this site. To see her fan fiction for her own stories check out Amazon and here.

L.J. Smith is an awesome fantasy writer for young adults. As a young reader she was one of my top authors. I used to wait and watch her website for any hints of her new sequels. Night World was a huge favorite of mine and I am still waiting on pins and needles for the final book, which I have been waiting over 10 years for. I had never known about this book series, Wildworld, until my sister mentioned it to me recently. I love King Arthur stories and gobble them up whenever given the time. I prefer when Morgana is depicted in a more positive light. So when I heard about these, I was stunned that I had never read them. I suppose because they are meant for a younger audience ages 8-12, they never came across my radar as a teen. They are quick reads, easily read in a few hours. They follow four siblings who encounter Morgana and are thrown in another dimension that is full of magic and danger. Though young, the four siblings band together to conquer evil. Their individual skills coming to the forefront in order to achieve their goals. I would not say this is a coming of age book, instead it is simpler than that. It really is just a story of four siblings who often bicker and struggle to relate to one another. It’s more about them coming together and working together to overcome evil.

I thought it was a nice, simple little King Arthur book. It’s fast paced and captures issues kids might have with their other siblings. Learning to tolerate and appreciate your familly’s differences. I will usually always highly recommend this author. While I wasn’t crazy about these books, I might have been at eight years old. And for that I give it 4 OWLS out of 5. It’s a good read for kids.

You can find the books on Amazon. The Night of the Solstice for $6.83 and Heart of Valor for $6.83 both in Kindle format.

Check out the author’s biography here.

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