Blood River – Phillip Tomasso

blood riverI can’t say I read much thriller/horror. I’m the type of person who has a hard time sitting through movies like Saw or The Cell, or for that matter reading any of Stephen King. They freak me out. The idea that something so awful could happen and possibly has happened to people makes me want to run and hide under a blanket for life. So, I took a shaky step out of my comfort zone to read this story by Tomasso. Now, this is not straight up horror. It’s more suspense and thriller. I was a bit afraid I would feel sick most of this book. But I was pleasantly surprised by my reaction to it.

Tomasso is a clean, honest writer. While he had many characters, I was never lost. The main character Rick Stone, travels to a remote, jungle part of Papua to catch a deadly fish. The monster fish that Stone is sent to catch is nothing compared to the real horrors that welcome them upon arrival. When I first began reading this, I had images of Anacondas eating everyone alive in dark murky waters. I was happy that this story went much further than just scary reptiles or aquatic creatures. Tomasso takes you on a wild jungle ride, where secrets are revealed and Stone is forced to fight for his life. I think anyone who enjoys life threatening suspense with no conceivable way out, will appreciate this story. There are some pivotal and moving choices Stone has to make throughout the journey, so dramatic that it made me feel compellingly involved with his decisions.

The story overall is rather smooth and fast. The beginning is a bit slower, but it’s necessary for the book later on. I definitely did not have to make myself read it, in fact I quite enjoyed it and wanted to know what was going to happen next. The whole who-is-going-to-die thing kept me engaged and eager to read on.

I highly recommend this story to all you suspense fans out there. If you enjoy a bit of violence and blood, you won’t be unhappy. But also I recommend this to readers who want a real story to accompany the violence. Tomasso weaves a tale that is more than just the horrors. But a realistic adventure that could happen to anyone traveling in the jungles of any remote location that have hidden secrets. I can say for certain, I have no desire to travel to Papua jungles anytime soon.

You can find the book on Amazon for $3.99 in Kindle format or $9.49 in paperback.


Synopsis: Sent to a remote area deep in the jungles of Indonesia’s Papua, TV’s Catch & Release star Rick Stone and his film crew set out to do some extreme fishing in order to identify a creature preying on natives.

Stone and his team encounter more than carnivorous fish on the journey. The prehistoric-like surroundings present danger at every turn. It isn’t long before the purpose of boosting viewership and restoring network confidence with the first Reality TV Show are forgotten. Their survival becomes dependent on the ability to revert to animalistic behavior.

Rick Stone no longer cares about his show’s network ratings. All he wants now is to make home . . . alive.


Phillip TomassoThe Man Behind the Book: Tomasso is the author of 15 novels. Each has a splash of the supernatural.

Prolific, he has published novels for young readers, suspense enthusiasts, legal thrillers, and most recently focusing more and more on horror.

The Vaccination Trilogy is a zombie saga that has topped Amazon charts more than once. His latest novel, BLOOD RIVER, is an epic adventure into Indonesia’s Papua, and the first in a ‘Rick Stone’ series of books.

Tomasso says, “The goal–the dream–is to hit the best seller list at some point, and maybe see some of my books brought to life in film! But for now, I write because I love it. It’s not about money.”

Working full time as a Fire/EMS Dispatcher for 911, Tomasso dedicates his time to continually working on new writing projects, and his three children.

Be sure to visit his website:



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*I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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2 thoughts on “Blood River – Phillip Tomasso

    • Thanks for asking us to read it! Good luck with your sales. Hopefully, my sentiments about Blood River will encourage people to give it a try. I have to say your zombie novels are calling my name a bit now.

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