My beautiful book trailer, compliments of my sis

Okay, so I don’t usually shamelessly self-promote on this blog since it’s dedicated to other writers and books. But I’m an author and my sister recently created, designed and produced a book trailer for my epic fantasy novel, Fractured Dream. And because we do this blog together, and because the video is a product of both of us, I felt it fitting to share here. So forgive me this one lapse, but I just had to show you all because I’m in love. ❤ -KM


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3 thoughts on “My beautiful book trailer, compliments of my sis

  1. I’d never seen a book trailer before, but wow, that trailer is an amazing 2 minutes of art! Or do you classify it as art (as an engineer, my grasp of art can be tenuous)? Is it more work to create than “conventional” art? Hopefully the book doesn’t follow the trend of so many movies where the trailer is the best part 😉

  2. Thanks for the kudos! Most people have never heard of book trailers before. So you are not alone! But they are growing in popularity. You could classify it as digital art. Specifically related to a compilation of video/image, audio and text. Coming Soon: Trailer for The Reaper’s Daughter!

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