Sucker Literary Anthology: Volume 2

suckerStories dealing in crushes on high school drama teachers, first love, 9-11, the teen daughter of the devil and absentee mothers saving the world, make up this edgy collection compiled in Sucker Literary Anthology.

I’m not one for short stories, they’re just never long enough to satisfy me, or the ending is too abrupt for my particular tastes. But when the last page of this anthology was turned I was thoroughly disappointed. Perhaps I just haven’t been reading the right kind of short story.

One of the many charms of this compilation was that it’s in the young adult genre, which I have penchant for. The stories deal in an array of mostly realistic scenarios, although the book is not without a touch of fantasy and science-fiction, speaking to readers who like either genre.

My favorite story, however, is about  a teen girl who is confronted with losing her mother to cancer and the horrors of 9-11 in New York City all in the same day. We follow her as she moves through her grief to find hope at the end. It was very raw, and leads me to believe the author probably lived in NYC during that tragic time. I also really enjoyed the last story; something about a crazy gin and tonic swilling grandmother just made my heart warm. I liked this anthology so much I would even, dare I say buy it. Probably in print.

Although I love the cover art, I wasn’t crazy about the artwork inside the anthology; it didn’t really add anything to the stories and  was laid out strangely in the Kindle edition. But that’s the only negative I’ve got.

If you have a love for YA lit (FYI, there are no vampires in this volume) then you should try Sucker Literary Anthology out. I’m rooting for this start-up pub to make it. You can find it on Amazon in print for $8.99 and in the Kindle edition for $3.99.

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