Double Click — Lisa Becker

DoubleClickNote: Scroll to the bottom for details on a chance to win a digital copy of this book and the first in the series, Click: An Online Love Story.

I’m going to try to not give any spoilers for any of you who haven’t read the first book, Double Click: An Online Love Story, so forgive me if I’m vague. There’s nothing more annoying than having the surprise ruined. Of course, I read the last page of a book before I finish it just to make sure I like the ending, so who am I kidding? At any rate, let’s get into the book, shall we?

Someone’s getting married but I’m not telling who. Double Click takes place six months after we left off in the first novel, when Renee Green did or didn’t find love. (I meant it when I said I wasn’t giving spoilers away). Much like the first book, the story plays out through the characters’ email correspondences with one another, which lends its own dynamic to the way it all plays out.

Whether Renee did or didn’t find her soul mate in the first book, the mystery in this story is what’s up with Shelley? Our resident vixen is Renee’s BFF and is acting strangely out of character. No emails bragging of one gorgeous male conquest after another. While still fun, Shelley is much more enigmatic in this novel and she’s keeping a secret. Possibly a secret lover? That, or else she’s an international spy. I’m not telling which.

Meanwhile, metrosexual Mark has finally found a girlfriend — a cat picture obsessed email-clicking girlfriend. Hey, we all know someone who can’t get enough of cat pictures. Her perkiness and cat-focused email habits make it hard for our little email clique to accept her, lending comedy to the ongoing email conversation.

I don’t want to give much more away, but it’s another light, yet fun read. Plus the email format always shakes up the norm a little bit. I probably liked the first one better, but I still enjoyed following along on the email adventures of Renee, Shelley, Ashley and Mark once again and their attempts to make a go at love.

Double Click can be found on Amazon in print for $10.66 and in Kindle edition for $1.99. Also, don’t forget to check out my review for Click: An Online Love Story. That said, if you’re interested in owning a digital copy of both books, just leave a comment below and you’ll automatically be entered into a free ebook giveaway, which I’m ending on Saturday. Don’t miss out!

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