Click: An Online Love Story — Lisa Becker

clickOne of my favorite formats for chick lit happens to be in the form of email or text messages. Instead of first person or third person, etc., we get the entire story rolled out in the form of emails between characters. Ever since I first ready Meg Cabot’s Boy Meets Girl, I’ve appreciated this unique way to tell a tale. Suffice it to say, Click was a fun fast-paced read.

In this romantic comedy, PR guru Renee Green has been asked by her buddy Mark to join an online dating service in solidarity of his New Year’s resolution. Greene is less than a month away from the big 3-0, and reluctantly agrees with no apparent prospects. From one click to another, we are introduced to Renee’s posse of BFF’s: Shelley, who is one conquest away from an STD; Ashley, who is prim, judgmental and not as cool as Shelley; and Mark, who is borderline obsessive compulsive and comes across as gay, but who we soon learn is very much heterosexual. The colorful group reminded me of my own crazy gaggle of friends — full of hell, talking shit and having fun.  

The emails between friends and Renee’s correspondences with would-be suitors made for an amusing, relatable read. We soon find out Renee isn’t the only one looking for love. The individual stories and dramas of her friends reminded me what it was like to be single again when finding your soulmate was the most important conversation you could have; let’s call it soulmate-centric. Anyone who has ever went out on a date will appreciate the many zany personalities that make for cringe-worthy water cooler fodder and wobegone tales of the tribulations of dating.

Chick lit lovers who can appreciate a different sort of story structure will enjoy this foray into online dating, relationships and of course, the romantic build-up. Does she find her true love?


Click: An Online Love Story can be found on Amazon for as low as $9.13 in print and for $0.99 in a Kindle edition. Anyone interested in reading this let me know with a comment below and you’ll be entered into an ebook giveaway for this title, as well as its sequel, Double Click. Stay tuned for that review coming soon.

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