Free ebook giveaway!

GirlInTheMistI’ve extended the contest until Monday, May 20. Just leave a comment!

Everyone likes something for free…

Mary Castillo, author of Lost in the Light, which I previously reviewed and loved, is releasing a short story in the Dori Orihuela paranormal mystery series called Girl in the Mist. You can find it for $1.99 on Amazon, or you can win it free here. I’m running an ebook giveaway, so if you want to enter please just leave me a comment below. For an additional way to enter, tweet about my blog and tag me @KatrinaMRandall so I see it.

I’ll randomly pick the winner next Saturday!

Read the blurb for Girl in the Mist below:

“When we last left Dori Orihuela, she received a shocking message slipped to by her high school flame, Gavin Salazar. Girl in the Mist picks up where we left these two lovers as Gavin sweeps Dori off to a romantic weekend in Carmel, California. Their charming cottage, hidden in the cypress trees, holds a dark secret. A young woman appears in the mist, not knowing her name or how long she’s been dead. When Dori tries to find out what happened to this broken young spirit, everyone she encounters refuse to speak of what happened.” 

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