Pete, Drinker of Blood — Scott S. Phillips

petedrinkerFor some reason I had the impression that this was a horror book, so it took me awhile to get reading it. Although I admit when I was a teenager, horror was actually my favorite genre. Once I picked it up, I pretty much kept on going. It wasn’t horror at all. No, this is a book about a regular guy who one night followed a girl into the desert and came back a vampire.

It kind of reminds me of Joe Vampire, which I am a huge fan of, but different. For one, Pete here has been a vampire for a while when we first meet him. His penchant for tunes from the 70s gives you an idea from what era he was last alive. He’s a pudgy, blue-collar worker, who is most comfortable in holey t-shirts and jeans than the goth style of dress other vampires like to wear.

Instead of people, Pete has found that goats work for food, while romance has been pretty much out of the question until he meets Angie, a cute waitress at the dive bar he often frequents. When she agrees to go on a date with him, it seems like his undead life is looking up, but then his vampire sire Carson Fitzgerald returns.

This was a relatively quick read, not only because it was shorter, but because it was fun. Pete is a likeable, regular kind of guy who is an outcast to his own species. We soon find out that despite his lack of in-crowd desirability, he’s actually quite cooler than most of the other vampires who only found coolness through their undead status.

Pete, Drinker of Blood was a lovely surprise. I think Phillips should expound on this book and create a series. I can see many more adventures for Pete and his newfound goth vampire friends. You can find the book for $9.99 on Amazon in print and in Kindle edition for $4.99.

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