Joe Vampire: The Afterlife — Steve Luna

JOE+VAMPIRE+2_Full+cover_Final+Front+OnlyJoe Vampire is at it again. He’s making music, keeping to a strict non-human diet and writing his blog. But in between trying to make his girlfriend happy, keep his vampire life in order and make it big as a musician with his BFF Hube, his life is about to take a turn for the dark.

In the first book, we follow Joe’s journey as he changes from Joe Schmoe to Joe Vampire. Although his initiation into the world of vampires is far from easy, in book two we find Joe has begun to adapt, if not quite embrace his new lifestyle. But he has the support of Chloe, the girl he had the hots for in book one, his vampire “godmother” Louise and Hube, the most loyal friend ever.

Everything seems to be getting even better until Joe and Hube run into some trouble that really heats up the storyline. And if anyone’s wondering, Joe is as sarcastic as ever, while being endearing when he’s not focused on describing the particular foulness of a vampire’s bathroom habits. He may swear like a sailor, as the old adage goes, but Joe is also full of insight, compassion and soul.

If you’re interested in reading the second installment of Joe Vampire, I strongly suggest you get to know Joe by reading the first book. His growth is evident between the two books and you’ll catch all the initial laughs. Author Steve Luna again has offered a refreshing, and non-glitzy tale about the life of a vampire. Joe is just as human as the rest of us, aside from being immortal, his penchant for blood and teeth he has to saw down every day. Although some of the issues he runs into are decidedly supernatural, he also deals with day-to-day struggles, making for a very real and well-rounded character. Meanwhile, I continue to love how the book’s blog format makes it this really relevant vampire story, as oddly as that may sound.

It took a little while to get to the main conflict, but once it did the pages kept turning. In the meantime, Joe’s sarcastic wit and snark keep the story moving right until the very end. I can’t tell you how it all turns out, but I will say there are several twists and turns that will keep you interested until the last page is turned. You can get Joe Vampire: The Afterlife in paperback for $11.62 on Amazon, and the Kindle edition for $2.99

If you haven’t already, check out my review of the first installment of Joe Vampire, as well as a Q&A with author Steve Luna.

I’m pretty sure I heard a rumor that Joe will regale us with more of his humor and life in a third installment. Looking forward to it.

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