Joe Vampire — Steve Luna

Joe is a normal, decent looking guy who works behind a desk and dreams of the day when his office crush will dump her boyfriend so he can finally ask her out. He likes to hang out with his best bud Hube and play in their band, despite his enmity with the lead singer.

All that changes when Joe goes out and gets drunk on a group date and wakes up with teeth marks in his neck. You got it, Joe has joined the ranks of blood sucking immortals and it’s not as glamorous as books and TV make it out to be. Angry over his predicament and sarcastic as hell, Joe decides to blog about his transformation.

This is a must-read for vampire lovers, the anti-Twilight masses, or anyone who appreciates a fun, amusing read. So vastly different from anything I’ve read before, author Steve Luna takes a different angle on the life of a vampire and created a character I could see myself hanging out with. Joe is funny, down to earth and sometimes a bastard. My favorite kind of people! There are no sparkles here, although if you’ve read my latest rant you know my take on that issue.

The format of the story is laid out  with Joe sharing his missteps into vampirism in a blog format, which allows Joe’s voice to really shine. From the hilarious to the dangerous, Joe Vampire gives a whole new meaning to what being a vampire could really be like when you tear away the sex, magic and mystery and just make it raw. Joe is a real, believable character and that’s what makes Joe Vampire so special. I’m looking forward to the sequel, which will hopefully be released later this fall. Find Joe Vampire in print for as low as $9.21 on Amazon, and the Kindle edition for $2.99.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll be posting a Q&A with the mastermind behind Joe Vampire, author Steve Luna.

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