Exhale — Kendall Grey

Just when it looked like Dr. Zoe Morgan was finally going to get together with Gavin Cassidy in Realis (the real world), they don’t. But don’t worry, their separation doesn’t last long and it’s not long before Gavin lures her into his arms once again. In Exhale, the sequel to Inhale, their passion is alive outside of the Dreaming, but danger constantly lurks as the disgusting Scarlet plots to kill Zoe and get back in Gavin’s bed.

More enigmatic than ever is Fyre elemental Sinnder, who seems to be less despotic than his fellow elementals. But I’m not putting him on the side of the heroes yet, because he’s definitely no Pollyanna either. The big reveal behind Sinnder’s motives is something to look forward to in the third installment, Just Breathe, scheduled for release sometime this fall.

Amidst all this, Zoe is convinced her boss and former lover has placed a spy in the midst of her research team. Meanwhile, getting a decent night’s sleep never seemed so hard when she finds herself locked out of the Dreaming. And if the sentinels don’t find the location to the door the elementals are using to get into dream land, no one is going to be getting any sleep, they’ll just be dead.

There were some definite plot twists in the second installment of the Just Breathe series. Although the first few chapters were kind of slow, I found once I got past the initial beginning I liked this book better than the last one. There was the mounting passion between Gavin and Zoe happening in reality; the mysteries of Jack and Sinnder to contemplate; and I thoroughly appreciated the growing plot line and its hidden depths, kind of like a cute jock who writes poetry. The end will leave you hanging, waiting for more. Found in print for as low as $12.97, or in Kindle format for $2.99

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