Nimpentoad — Henry, Josh & Harrison Herz

Of all the creatures in the Grunwald Forest, Niblings are the smallest and weakest physically. Tired of getting bullied, or worse, eaten by an Orc for dinner, they embark on a journey to make a deal with a giant. They are led by one brave and resourceful Nibling named Nimpentoad, who repeatedly saves his fellow Niblings from all manner of creatures, including wolves and goblins, with his quick thinking.

Targeted at children ages 5-10, Nimpentoad was written by Henry Herz and his two sons. This creative little story sends the message that bullying is not nice, which is poignant during a time where bullying issues are very much at the forefront of our culture. It also conveys the benefits of perseverance, resourcefulness and playing to the strengths given to you.

As a fantasy-fiction fanatic, I found this tale charming and am looking forward to sharing this story with my own son when he’s old enough. I also loved the artwork and actually wished there had been more pictures, as it was fantastically detailed and worthy of the creatures being depicted.

Despite the many fearsome situations the brave little Niblings find themselves in, they complete their quest and find their friendly giant in the end. I think most children would delight in this imaginative story and its wholesome life messages. Found on Amazon for as low at $8.74 in print and $2.99 on the Kindle. This is just me, but for kids I reccomend going with the print edition.

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