What Color is the Wind? — Ed Bieber

“What Color is the Wind? A Feel Guide to the Out-of-Doors for Parents with Young Children” features charming ways parents can bond with their children in nature. The title itself was inspired by a child who once asked author and naturalist Ed Bieber what color the wind was. Broken up by season, Bieber offers ideas that will delight a young child’s sense of wonder. From making masks out of falling leaves, to sniffing out different scents during the spring, it is packed full with methods that will help you and your child peer into the nooks and crannies of your own backyard no matter what the time of year.

Each season’s chapter ends with a list of recommended times to get outdoors, all of which include the solstices and equinoxes. But those aren’t the only days good for exploring the great yonder; the last day of school, the first snowfall and the first day you wear a t-shirt are all recommended times to venture out. Also closing each chapter is a lined page meant for taking notes. Here, you and your child can record all the different observations seen in the natural world of trees, grass and crawly creatures.

I loved this book. As I was reading it, I started imagining myself showing my own child an animal’s footprint in the snow, or gazing up at the night sky on a mild winter’s night, dancing in a spring shower or building fairy houses in our little patch of nature. My son just turned one, so I have plenty of time to share with him all the little wonders of nature. In the years to come I know I will consult this guide anytime the backyard starts to get boring, for within these pages are ideas that will help transform it into a teeming world of life and awe. This book can be found at www.edsbook.org for $20.

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